We appreciate our volunteers!  Whether you are able to help once or throughout the year, we have many opportunities for you to get more involved with PTSA and support your school community.  See list below for a variety of volunteer opportunities.  Contact our Volunteer Coordinator for more information.  Thanks!

Committees and what they do:

Miscellaneous – Help with a variety of different jobs including providing food for community and/or staff events, helping at bake sales, set up or clean up for events, selling tickets, etc.

After Prom – Responsible for the coordination of the GHS After Prom.  Soliciting and collecting donations, coordinating fund raisers, booking the activities and location, organizing volunteers for fundraisers and night of the event.  This is a big job, and the effort is currently shared with the president and various board members chip in.  Look for a friend to co-chair this with!

Booster Liaison – Attends the monthly Booster Club meetings and acts as a liaison between the PTSA and the Booster Club.

Club Cards - Coordinates and oversees the registration of the school and individuals and the accumulation of dollars spent at the Giant Food, Safeway and other stores.  Registration is at the beginning of the school year and totals are monitored monthly.  Most of the information is accomplished online; a computer and internet access is necessary.

Directory - Responsible for providing a phone/address directory for GHS students and staff. Involves gathering the information from the school data base and forms, data entry and having directory printed. Chair should be very comfortable with manipulating data and files.  Directory work starts in Aug and goes strong until finished and out in October-November.

Hospitality - Provides food and refreshments, hospitality, and small tokens of appreciation for teacher and staff about once a month, primarily using coordinated donations from parents.  Plus other events sponsored by the PTSA.

Membership - Duties include preparing a flyer  for back to school distribution in mid to late August;  collecting and tabulating membership roster and money from the start of school until Oct or Nov; and filling in and distributing membership cards.

Newsletter  -- The newsletter is published quarterly and includes news from the PTSA, the guidance office, principal, and other organizations.  The editor is responsible for notifying PTSA chairs, staff and guidance of deadlines; editing the information; and layout and design.

PTA Council Delegate - Delegates alternate attendance at the monthly meetings of the PTA Council of Howard County, vote and seek input from GHS PTSA as necessary, and present a report on the PTACHC meeting at the next meeting of the Executive Board.  Each of two delegates would attend every other PTACHC meeting and report on it at the following GHS PTSA meeting.

Reflections - The Reflections Arts Program is a national PTA program designed to encourage children to be creative and participate in art.  Chair is responsible for informing students, parents and teachers of theme, getting entry forms to students, following up and recognizing those who participate.  Entries are forwarded to the county.

Website Maintenance  – Maintain the PTSA website as needed, no HTML experience required, easy user interface available. 

PTSA & Boosters are looking for parents and students to get involved and volunteer to help with many great activities and events in '19-20!